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Michelle Timothy will be your course instructor. With a background in the Discount Diabetic test Strip Industry and Internet Marketing she will coach you to success in this unique industry. GOT QUESTIONS? Talk to me Live: 678-926-8243

About This Site

Looking for a Legitimate Side Hustle?

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With Most Other Internet Marketing Opportunities Either You Need:

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  • Expensive and Time Consuming SEO
  • Paid Niche traffic
  • Time to conquer a tremendous learning curve or
  • Really Stellar Selling Skills

This opportunity doesn't require anything except EFFORT.

It's simple

  • Place ads
  • Answer your phone
  • Buy strips
  • Sell strips
  • Repeat

With this information you will Learn how to double your money any time you need cash. Do this part time to supplement your job, Do it to Finance other internet marketing pursuits, or scale it to full time and earn up to and even beyond $5000 per month

What You Will Learn:

  • Who the buyers and sellers are in this industry
  • Why the items move so quickly
  • How to get the merchandise for sale
  • The ethics, legalities, rules and procedures of the industry
  • How to determine the current pricing etc.
  • I also address market saturation and why this is not an issue

The Number of Americans Living with Diabetes is Staggering ...

Approximately 8% of the US population has Diabetes, Pre-diabetes or Temporary Diabetes. And these numbers are projected to grow to 1 in 3 people suffering with this disease by 2050. Diabetes is an Evergreen market.

Did you Know that All Diabetics must test their blood several times a day? Glucose Test Strips are a necessary part of staying healthy with diabetes But glucose strips are expensive, they have a retail value of $60 - $200 per box! Which puts them out of reach for some people. What you will be doing is helping diabetics get their test strips at a lower cost. Being that diabetics must test themselves several times daily ... having enough Glucose test strips are a life and death matter ... testing between 3x - 6x per day is a must to staying healthy.

What this means is test strips are hot in demand.

Be the Middle Man and Earn a Quick Profit


MUST HAVE A VEHICLE or live in a town with buses/ trains

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  • No wordpress
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  • No backlinks
  • NO SEO
  • No email list
  • No shoppingcart
  • No Affiliates
  • No cold calling
  • No selling!
  • No Searching for the perfect audience to show your offer
  • No funnels
  • No cart abandonment
  • No sales pages
  • No Huge Inventory needed - Start with as little as $20 and 1 item
  • No Special software needed
  • No worries about refunds
  • No customer service
  • Work from home
  • No struggle to find Qualified buyers
  • Did I mention Both Buyers and Sellers Are Eager?
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We Show You How to be the Middle Man and Earn Big

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